Share our passion for upcycling…

Auscol has been proudly recovering Used Cooking Oil (UCO) for upcycling for more than half a century.

As an important stakeholder in the GrainCorp oils value chain, we love to share our story… especially as we manage edible oils from the farm, to the factory, into the fryer and ultimately into fuel.

Our customers, suppliers and the community at large are fascinated by our long history, innovative service and unique upcycling story.

Is your waste oil being upcycled?

Is your waste oil being upcycled?

You may be confident that your Used Cooking Oil (UCO) is being disposed of responsibly (and lawfully), but is it being upcycled? Upcycling, the process of transforming a waste product into something of greater value i.e. biodiesel, is the best thing that can happen to...

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Choosing a waste oil collection service

Choosing a waste oil collection service

Deciding who to choose as your Used Cooking Oil (UCO) Service Provider can undoubtedly be somewhat overwhelming.  Not only is it essential to comply with various regulations,  but there are also environmental and ethical considerations, different tank types...

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