Auscol are renowned above all for their unrivalled service, friendly team, reliability and expertise.

We provide all customers with a full UCO service, from choosing and installing the ideal tank type, staff training and tank maintenance through to regular collections and upcycling.

Whether you are a large Quick Service Restaurant or a smaller fish and chip shop operator, we are committed to providing you with the best used cooking oil service and solution for your business.

And of course, an integral part of our service is ensuring your waste oil is upcycled responsibly and sustainably.

Service Highlights

Solution Design

Obligation-free consultation to determine the ideal solution for your business.


State-of-the-art stationary, mobile and bulk storage solutions to suit all levels of business.


Automated scheduled collections by our specialised fleet of vacuum tankers, incorporating the latest technology and safety equipment.


We manage the entire supply chain, from point of collection through to end markets, including upcycling into biodiesel.


Auscol maintains ISO certification for Safety, Quality & Environment, ISCC as well as ARA accreditation.

Service & Support

Support for all of your day to day and ad-hoc service requirements, including our in-field Solution Specialists and our on-line Customer Portal.


Auscol provides its customers with a range of specialised storage tanks to assist in the safe and effective storage and consolidation of Used Cooking Oil (UCO) on site, prior to collection by Auscol’s specialised fleet.

Mobile storage tanks

The range of mobile tank solutions includes standard pour-in tanks, heated tanks, as well as mobile vacuum tanks.

Stationary storage tanks

The range of stationary tank solutions includes direct connect, vacuum and heating options including a range of innovative safety and operational systems.

Bulk solutions

Auscol is able to work with larger customers to deliver bespoke solutions to deliver optimum safety, operational and financial outcomes.


Stainless Steel Pour-In Bulk Tanks (200L and 400L)

Auscol’s robust, stainless steel mobile, pour-in tanks are ideal for businesses generating smaller quantities of Used Cooking Oil.

These tanks are manufactured from food-grade stainless steel, are easy to manoeuvre and are ideal for use in commercial kitchen environments.

The large opening is designed to reduce the likelihood of spills, with the design also including robust castors allowing for the tanks to be easily manoeuvred, as well as being suitable for cleaning and wash down areas.

Our experienced Auscol Vehicle Operators wheel the tanks out to our specialised vacuum tankers, where the Used Cooking Oil is efficiently vacuumed into the truck and removed for upcycling.

All stainless steel tanks can be supplied with a heating element to allow the storage and collection of solid fats

Eco Vacuum Tanks (310L & 700L)

Auscol maintains a range of innovative and industry leading Eco Vacuum Tanks, to assist businesses and enhance the way Used Cooking Oil is stored and managed.

Our unique range removes the associated manual handling risks by eliminating pouring, through the innovative Vacuum systems incorporated in the designs. This also reduces the risks of spills and also potential burns associated with the handling of hot oil.

Vacuum Tanks allow oil to be vacuumed up at temperatures below 60 degrees, which saves time and in turn reduces required labour, allowing staff to concentrate on core business.

310L Eco Vacuum Tank

The Auscol Eco Vac Tank (310L) is a mobile storage tank, which includes a vacuum transfer pump, as well as operational features including a 90 second automatic shut down and level sensor to prevent overfilling potential.

Designed with robust swivel and lockable castors, this mobile vacuum tank allows easy manoeuvrability for collecting and storing used cooking oil, cleaning of operational areas and of course, wheeling it out to the purpose built tanker for upcycling.

700L Eco Vacuum Tank

The Auscol Eco Vac Tank (700L) is a large, stationary storage tank ideally suited to larger producers of Used Cooking Oil. The design includes a vacuum transfer pump, together with operational features including a 90 second automatic shut down and level sensor to prevent overfilling.

This larger 700 litre stationary tank is fixed in a suitable location and is generally used in conjunction with a mobile kaddy which also allows emptying of tins, pales and plastic oil containers if required.

These tanks can be stationed either within a commercial kitchen or in an outside storage area. Auscol’s vacuum tankers are equipped with long mechanised hoses to vacuum Used Cooking Oil directly from the tank.

Bulk storage solutions

For bulk collection customers such as food production companies, Auscol is able to assist in reviewing existing operations and tailoring new, state-of-the-art storage and handling solutions.

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