Fry Fresh (WA)

100% Australian Canola Oil


Auscol provides a full cooking oil management system in Western Australia. We supply superior, locally produced cooking oil to customers under the leading Fry Fresh brand in addition to storing, collecting and upcycling used or waste cooking oil.

Fry Fresh is 100% canola oil – locally grown, locally processed and free from genetically modified material (non-GM). 

With more than 20 years of operational experience in the local oilseed industry, we are committed to our customers and local suppliers.

We also have the agility and expertise to adapt quickly to the changing market place, enabling us to build our success and leadership position.

Did you know… The word ‘Canola’ comes from the words ‘Canada (where it was developed) and ‘ola’, denoting oil.


Auscol’s parent company, GrainCorp Ltd, is Australia and New Zealand’s leading producer of edible oils. Locally grown and processed, our purified canola oil is the cooking oil of choice throughout the food service industry. It is also manufactured sustainably into a broad range of highly sought after food products.

GrainCorp’s commitment to quality, together with the economies of scale achieved through ownership and management of key assets throughout the oilseed value chain, enables us to produce consistently high quality products at competitive prices.

In addition to our WA based Pinjarra plant, GrainCorp also has an Eastern states manufacturing facility in Numurkah, Victoria.

These facilities offer:

canola seed crushing
oil refining and bleaching
crude oil degumming

Food Service

Fry Fresh Canola oil is supplied to customers throughout the food service industry in Western Australia. These include pubs, clubs, hotels, restaurants, fast food outlets, food manufacturers and institutions.

Fry Fresh is highly versatile and suitable for many dishes and applications including baking, deep frying, sautéing, aiolis, mayonnaises, dressings and many more.

Why choose Fry Fresh?

Fry Fresh Canola oil provides many benefits over alternate cooking oils; particularly in terms of its health benefits and versatility.

Containing both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and only 7% saturated fat, canola oil is renowned as one of the healthiest cooking oils.

It is also heat-stable, an invaluable benefit for chefs and restaurateurs, and is rich in vitamins E and K.


Grown locally


Crushed locally at GrainCorp’s Pinjarra site


Non-genetically modified


A leading service provider


Delivered free to Metro Areas (WA)


Cholesterol and trans-fat free




Halal certified


Safe and Healthy

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